I am honored to be a part of the teaching community. I am especially interested in learning and sharing twenty first teaching methods through wikispaces.com, Teachers Without Boarders, and Nixty. I believe in their mission of global reform. My goal is to help in the efforts of making education accessible to all children everywhere. Politics should have no place in a learning environment. Education should be free and led by capable enthusiastic teachers. I would like to do my share of getting closer to this goal by teaching in international public schools. I have been teaching small groups of ESL students and tutoring elementary aged students in reading literacy for three years. I am also volunteer instructor and contract with nonprofit agencies to work with students to improve their reading level. I would like to make teaching English overseas a career. Twenty-first century teaching about keeping an open mind towards the use and practices of new concepts, technology, and methodologies. It is about sharing this knowledge with others so that teaching our children is a calloborative effort amongst teachers, administrators, parents, and students. Everyone has a voice and should feel comfortable expressing their views in a learning environment.

A Quick Guide to Effective Management (for new teachers and paraprofessionals)


Let's get started! Below is helpful material on a topic that is very special to me. Twenty-first century teaching is about learning from one another. One way to do this is to understand muliticulturalism and apply related concepts into lesson plans, activities and classroom discussions. Multiculturalism in the classroom is beneficial to the student and the teacher. The first file is a power point presentation that can help guide new teachers to understand multiculturalism. The second file is a text set that teachers can use as a way to introduce multiculturalism in the elementary classroom. These books can be used in a variety of ways including discussions and role playing. The text set also include a list of questions for teachers to begin a classroom discussion or as essay questions.

MDG final project.docx

The link below is a sample curriculum focusing on content literacy which can be used for reading enrichment and afterschool programs.

sample curriculum.doc